Rickety, Rickety Rack.




The train rumbled down the track,

From one town to another it traveled,

Rickety, Rickety Rack.

Across a river, as it babbled,

The train went on with a clack,

Passed a canoe as they paddled,

Rickety, Rickety Rack.

The Engineer left nothing unchecked,

As he kept the train on the track.

The passengers, out the window they watched.

Rickety, Rickety Rack.

The people stared, as snow started

Knowing there was no turning back.

The destination was sighted.

Rickety, Rickety Rack.

Now it sits empty, no trains are in need.

And we wait for them to make a comeback.

When at least they return, we can say that we heard,

Rickety, Rickety Rack.






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