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365 Prompts Day 8

From the book, “Just Write One Thing Today; 365 Creative Prompts to Inspire You Every Day” by John Gillard

Reaching the Summit

Write a short monologue (internal thoughts and musings) from the perspective of a mountaineer who has just reached the summit after a long and treacherous climb and can see for miles around.  They could describe the scene, the experience, and how they feel, or they could simply muse as they look over the world.


Wow!  Look at that view.  It’s so strange being above the treetops, but I’ve finally done it.  That hike wasn’t nearly as long as I thought it would be.  I know everyone said it is one of the hardest, longest walks this way, but it sure didn’t feel like it.  Maybe these climbs I’ve been doing are paying off.

The view up here is incredible.  I can see the river way down there, and the road running up and around the mountain.  Oh look!  A car!  I wonder if someone else is going to try this hike today.  Look at them going up and up.  Oh, wait, they are turning into another direction.

I think I’m going to lay down on this rock for a while.  Those clouds are so beautiful!  Big, white puffy.  Reminds me of my childhood, laying down on the green grass as I watched the clouds roll by.  Oh, look at that one!  It looks like a dragon blowing fire. I’m glad I came today.  This was so worth the hike!


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