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365 Prompts- Day 17

From the book, “Just Write One Thing Today; 365 Creative Prompts to Inspire You Every Day” by John Gillard


Write down five of your favorite drinks.  Describe in detail the enjoyment you feel when drinking them.  The flavors, the layers of taste, the memories they conjure up.

Cinnamon Spice Tea

Five of my favorite drinks:

1. Cinnamon Spice Tea: Spicy, warm, something I drink while I write

2. Diet Mt. Dew: Fizzy, citrus, cold, something I drank in the morning to wake up

3. Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino: Spicy but in a different way than cinnamon tea, foamy, creamy, delicious, seasonal, something I drink every fall

4. Ice Water: Cold, refreshing, something I drink throughout the day

5. Hot Chocolate with peppermint: Warm, foamy, creamy, refreshing, minty, something I drink on a cold day



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