It Began With A Dream

Some of my stories begin as dreams. This was was a dream within a dream. It is one of my favorites!

My A-muse-ing Life


It began with a dream.  Nadalia awoke early in the morning, startled from a dead sleep by a dream.  The dream haunted her long into the morning hours, long into the afternoon and evening hours too.  When night came, she fell into a restless sleep, only to dream the same dream again.

The dream began in forest.  She was being stalked, chased by something or someone she couldn’t see.  Nadalia ran and ran, further and further into the forest, but still she was pursed.  When it seemed her body had no more breaths in her, she reached the edge of a cliff.  She began to consider which direction to run when someone grabbed her from behind.  Nadalia couldn’t see who it was, and she didn’t know what they wanted, but yet she did.  They wanted her, her freedom, even her very life.  She fought with everything in her, and for…

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