October Writing Prompts Day 3- Perfect Pumpkin

Write about a family going to find the perfect pumpkin. What are they looking for? A jack-o-lantern pumpkin, one for pumpkin pie, or something else? Write about their journey to find the pumpkin.


Dear Diary,

Today my family went to look for the perfect Pumpkin. My brother and I wanted something large enough to carve for a jack-o-lantern, but our Mom wanted something small enough for Pumpkin Pie.

We went to Grandpa’s Pumpkin patch and walked through the fields, trying to find the perfect one. I told Mom this wasn’t the best place to find a pie pumpkin, but she didn’t care. She insisted we keep looking.

They had hay rides, apple cider, donuts, and fun events going on, but we didn’t get to do any of that. I was so mad. Instead, we spent the entire day looking for this stupid perfect pie pumpkin.

My day was wasted. And you know what? We still didn’t find the pumpkin my mom wanted. All of those perfectly good jack-o-lantern pumpkins just wasted because my mom wanted pie. Tomorrow, I’m asking my grandma to take me. She treats me like I’m eight, not three. She’ll let me get one to carve.

I gotta go. Mom says supper is ready. I’ll write more later.




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