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October Writing Prompts, Day 8; Pumpkin Spice Fight

Write about someone who either hates or loves Pumpkin Spice flavoring. Tell the story of why they hate/love the flavor.

I’ve never liked Pumpkin Spice. Well, perhaps I shouldn’t say never. I did once, a long time ago, when I was a teenager. That was before my friend Ned and I parted ways.

Ned and I were the best of friends from the time we were toddlers. We’d have stayed that way too, if it wasn’t for Pumpkin Spice. I loved Pumpkin Spice back then. I would eat anything with the flavoring. Cookies, bread, donuts, cereal, popcorn and more. I would drink it too, pumpkin spice coffee flavoring, pumpkin spice tea. It was all I thought about come fall, and I looked for everything I could when fall came around.

Ned hated Pumpkin Spice. Every fall, he’d say “Jan, are you really sure you need to go get more Pumpkin Spice?” I’d insist I needed more, and off I’d go to the store. It didn’t matter what else was going on. It didn’t matter if we had a football game, a band concert or anything else, I had to have my pumpkin spice.

Ned tolerated my love of Pumpkin Spice until the day I missed him being crowned homecoming King. He had never been the popular guy, and it was a pretty big deal to him, but I missed it. I was at the gas station getting my Pumpkin Spice coffee during half time.

Ever since that day, the sad look on his face when he saw me coming after the game had started back up, I can’t drink the stuff. I can’t eat the stuff. One sip of my Pumpkin Spice coffee at the game, and I realized what a horrible mistake I made. And so, from that day on, I’ve avoided Pumpkin Spice. It was too late though. Ned needed me to be there to see him win, and I wasn’t. There was no taking that back.


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