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October Writing Prompts, Day 11

11. Create a campfire story that friends tell around a campfire on a chilly autumn night.

Nights were the hardest. They had to pass the time somehow in the near dark, and going to bed by 7:00pm wasn’t easy when it stayed dark until after 7am. Since it was just after Halloween, Kevin offered to tell one of the horror stories he’d heard before.

“One dark night, a young boy was walking down the road towards his house with a flashlight in his hand. He’d had a long day and he didn’t want to walk home, but he didn’t have a choice. His mother hadn’t bothered to pick him up yet again.

He walked for a couple of miles. Suddenly, in the road ahead of time, he noticed a figure. She was moving back and forth in the road, and when he got close, she stopped him and told him not to go home. She wore a white gown and her face was covered by a white hood. He ignored her and kept walking. She was creepy anyways.

A little further up the road, he saw her again. Again, she warned him not to go home. Her face was still mostly covered, but he saw her nose and thought she looked familiar.

He walked a little further, and again she stopped him. This time, he saw her nose and her lips. She looked even more familiar, but he still ignored her and kept walking.

A little further still, and she appeared again, this time with her eyes, lips and nose uncovered. Not only did she look familiar, but this time he thought she looked very much like his mother. This was impossible, and his heart began to race as he began to walk even faster.

He saw the figure one more time, just as he was about to enter his house. Again, she pleaded with him to not go home, but he pushed past her and opened his front door. It was then he realized he couldn’t actually feel her when he touched her, and she vanished immediately from his sight.

Upon opening the door, he soon realized she was right. He shouldn’t have gone home. For on the floor, there lay his mother, wearing her white nightgown, with a white scarf wrapped around her head. The white was stained with red, and when he turned to yell for his father, he found him standing right there, his clothes stained in red, an ax in his hands.”


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