Bird Thoughts

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I am white, with black markings on my body. I have two wings, a beak, and two yellow eyes. I can turn my neck around much further than humans, and have feet with talons for gripping my prey. I have nearly a 5 foot wingspan, and I am active during the day, especially at dawn and dusk.

I love to read rodents. I sit up on high places watching for them, then dive down to grab my meal when I spot one. I really help to keep the rodent population down!

Although I migrate to other places during the winter months, my main home is the tundra. There, I share space with the artic fox, hare, reindeer and polar bears.

I like to swallow my meal whole. After it is digested, I regurgitate the fur and bones into something called a pellet.

If you see me, please enjoy watching me from a distance. I may be tired after a long flight, and flying more could put me in danger. I do not make a great pet and give a nasty bite. I am meant to be in the wild, and if you quietly watch me from afar, you might just get to see me soar!


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