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Bamboo Bumblebee

Bamboo flew from flower to flower, trying to gather the pollen and nectar. She’d been going at it all day, and the sun was getting lower in the sky, but they needed food. Exhausted, she took a moment to rest at the next flower before moving on. Winter had been rough, and they needed as much food as they could gather with spring finally arriving. Pollen was one of their main sources of food. They needed it for protein and fats to help the young grow big and strong. Nectar was another source of food. It provided them with much needed carbohydrates, especially for the young.

Moving to the next flower, she took a long sip of the nectar. Her body collected most of the pollen while she drank. The nectar refreshed her and brought energy to her tired body. Sighing happily, she moved to the next flower and took another drink. This time, she stored it to carry back to the nest for the others.

It was a relief to find so many flowers. The winter had been long, and her colony was hungry. Dandelions weren’t ideal for pollen, but they would work until more was available. Moving to yet another flower, she gathered more pollen and nectar, then headed back to her hive. Everyone would be happy with what she’s gathered, and the sun was beginning to set now.

To be continued….

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