What The Pet Hears II

For Part 1

What The Pet Hears, Part 2

Madelynn rubbed her ears and sighed loudly. “What am I going to do, Molly? Al’s been a jerk again. I know better, Mols, but I love him. I just can’t bring myself to go somewhere else.”

Molly whined and looked up at Madelynn with her big brown eyes. They needed to leave, and soon, before Al left them on the street. “Let’s leave!” Jumping up, she licked Madelynn’s face and barked at her. All her owner seemed to hear though was “Woof, woof.”

She smiled at the Molly and laughed. “You’re right. We’re better off here with Al, even if he is a jerk. We’ll stay. At least I have you.”

Molly whined and shook her head. Madelynn didn’t seem to understand what she was trying to tell her. She patted her head and rubbed her ears again, then stood up from the couch. “I’ll go apologize to Al. I was mean to him, wasn’t I?”

She whimpered and followed her owner from the living room to the front door, barking as she stayed close to her heels. When they reached the front door, Madelynn told her to stay and hurried out the door. Molly was left staring at a closed door, whining and barking. Her owner was barely gone when she heard Al scream “Shut up, you stupid mutt!” Whimpering, she retreated into the corner of the living room and hid under the couch, just as he came back into their house.

“Where are you? I’ll make sure you never bark again!” She could hear his footsteps getting closer to her, but couldn’t see him yet.

Suddenly, Madelynn’s voice interrupted. “Al, sweetheart, please just leave her alone. I may have overly excited her when I left. She’ll calm down. Please, I just wanted us to talk.”

Al mumbled a few words Molly didn’t like to use before he followed after Madelynn’s voice. She waited until the sound of the bedroom door closing came, and then followed them. The bedroom door was mostly closed, but they’d left it open just a little, and she wiggled her way through the opening cautiously. Madelynn was sitting on the edge of the bed. Al was with her, kissing her.

She pushed him away. “Al, please, I just want to talk.”

“We can talk in a minute. Come on, baby, I just want to spend some time with you.” She heard Madelynn protest a little, but could hear kissing again a moment later. It was then that Al spotted her. “Hey! Get out of here, you stupid mutt!”

Molly ran under the bed and began to shake. She was terrified of the man, but he didn’t seem to notice. Or he didn’t care. He started to chase her, but Madelynn stopped him and Molly could hear them kissing again. A moment later, they were back on the bed and the room was quiet.

To be continued….

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