Just Another Tuesday

List of Words:

  1. Drop
  2. Rain
  3. Acid
  4. Amazing
  5. Falling
  6. Drought
  7. Life
  8. Death
  9. Quenching
  10. Thirsty
  11. Tuesday
  12. Slow
  13. Swiftly
  14. struggled
  15. another


Use the list of words provided to write a story about the photo.

The first drops started on a Tuesday. They started off slow and then began to fall faster and faster, quenching the thirsty ground. Rapidly, swiftly the rain came down, until slowly the streets began to flood and the rivers crept up as they began to rise. It felt amazing at first, until it didn’t. Until the pain came, and acid began to burn leaves, skin, surfaces, and everything around it. Life struggled to survive, but death came for many. It was just another Tuesday.

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