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Story Prompt- Construction Worker

Writing Prompt:

Protagonist: Robert the Construction Worker

Obstacles: The woman in 2C.

Goal: To get a new apartment

Action: Walks

Starting Sentence: Robert’s uncle was released from prison the year he turned five.

Random Sentence: The birds flew overhead, as though they knew what was yet to come.

Final Sentence/Statement: He was finally free.

Other phrases/sentences to include:

  1. The sound of chains jingling together filled the air.
  2. She was everything he’d ever wanted.
  3. That left $20 for groceries for the entire two weeks.
  4. Jobs were hard to come by, especially for an ex-con.
  5. He loved hamburgers.

Create a story based on the requirements listed above.

Photo from Carl Campbell, Flickr: https://flic.kr/p/kB27Y8


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