25 Prompt Ideas

25 Writing Prompts:


  1. Write a story based on a photo.
  2. Make a list of 25 fruits
  3. Write about Medieval times
  4. Research the Black Plague and write at least 400 words about it.
  5. Write a story where each sentence begins with the last word of the previous sentence.
  6. Make a list of 25 types of dogs
  7. Research the Old West and write a 300 or more word post about it
  8. Write a story based in the Old West
  9. Write a story about children in a daycare and who they grow up to be
  10. Write a story from a child’s perspective
  11. Make a list of 10 things to do outside in winter
  12. Make a list of 15 meals to try
  13. Write a story about two people stranded inside an old empty water tower
  14. Write a story about a ship at sea
  15. Write a poem about apples
  16. Write a poem about snow
  17. Write a poem where every other line rhymes
  18. Write a poem with six lines in which every line rhymes
  19. Write an acrostic poem using the first word you find in a nearby book
  20. Open the nearest book; open it and use the first sentence you see as a writing prompt 
  21. Write a story about coal minors trapped in a mine
  22. Research the 1920’s and write a 500 or more word article about life in the 1920’s.
  23. Write a story about a hotel and the people that stay there
  24. Write a story from a dog’s perspective
  25. Write a poem using the entire alphabet, where each line has a letter of the alphabet.  Image



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