Medieval Castle


Describe a Medieval Castle in five minutes….


  • Stone
  • brick
  • cold
  • damp
  • dark
  • servants wandering around
  • a dark spell cast upon it
  • moat
  • bridge over the moat
  • soldiers guarding it’s gates
  • several towers
  • one tower the highest of them all
  • Wizard at the top of the tower
  • horses
  • stable
  • stable boys
  • Lord of the castle
  • Lady of the castle
  • guards
  • straw in the stable
  • smells like an outhouse
  • people dump their chamber pots over the balcony of their rooms into the castle “sewer” system along the street
  • sound of chickens
  • people talking
  • horses neighing and the sound of horses feet clipping on the rock streets
  • smell of people who only bath once or twice a year
  • smell of posies
  • smell of ashes from bodies burning due to the black plague
  • steps winding up around the castle

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