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Snowed In Part Two

Tilly knelt down on the floor, tugged the dish out of the cupboard, and handed it up to her mother.  Hannah smiled at her daughter and quickly took the dish from her hands.  It was glass, and heavy.  She didn’t want the girl to hurt herself by dropping it.  “Thanks, Til.  You can go back to playing now.”

Hannah watched as the small child ran out of the kitchen, giggling as her red hair pulled up in pigtails bounced off of her shoulders.  Their lives were full.  In the kids playroom, she could hear three year old Dixie’s excitement at her sister returning.  She listened to their excited voices as she pulled hamburger from the meat drawer in the fridge, opened it up and began to cook it.  When it was done, she drained off the grease, although since it was lean beef, there wasn’t much left to drain.  She went to the fridge, got out onions Hank had chopped up for her the day before and began to cook those with the hamburger.  Adding garlic powder, Hannah grabbed a spoon and stirred up her mix.  She was thankful a wave of nausea did not hit her today as it so often did.

A quick glance out the kitchen window told her 7 year old Felix and Tilly’s fraternal twin brother Parker were still playing with their sleds.  Parker seemed much younger than five, but Felix seemed more like a ten year old and she knew they would be fine for a moment while she ran to the pantry.  The pantry was located behind the stairs, away from the center of the house where it was much cooler.

Hannah made her way to the pantry, opened the doors and took out a can of green beans and a can of corn.  The corn was store bought, but the green beans were ones she had canned from their own garden.  She was working on learning to can corn as well.  As she headed back to the kitchen, a quick peak into Cole’s room told her the one year old was still sound asleep.  Hannah sighed with relief.  She loved all of her children, but Cole was the most active and it was nice to have a short time of “rest.”

…… To Be continued.

Character Notes:

Hannah- Mom

Hank- Dad

Felix- 7 Years Old

Parker- 5 Years Old

Tilly- 5 Years Old

Dixie- 3 Years Old

Clay- 1 Years Old

Find Part One here:  https://myamuseinglife.com/2015/01/02/snowed-in/


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