A letter to a deceased person I wish I could talk to…

  • A letter to a deceased person I wish I could talk to- My Grandma Holsinger


Hey Grandma,

It’s been more than ten years since you passed away.  I miss you every day.  I wish we could sit down and talk about life, talk about how much has changed and yet how much things have stayed the same.  I wonder what you would think of our family now.  I’m sure you would enjoy your great-grandchildren.

I miss sewing with you.  I miss the meals you made and the way you always kept little containers of jam on your table.  I miss watching the birds come to the bird feeder with you, and the little shopping trips we took.  I loved watching you in the garden, especially in the little black pond you had.

If I could see you today, I would want to ask you what Heaven is like.  I would want to show you our home; it reminds me so much of your old farmhouse!  I would introduce you to my wonderful husband, Ben.  I think you would love him, and I know he and grandpa would get along well.  He likes to talk politics, although he is Republican.  I’m sure Grandpa wouldn’t hold that against him too much, considering his own views.

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I know one day we will see each other again, and have all of eternity to catch up.  For now, take care of those who are already there and save a place for me.  I can’t wait to get there.  I’ll see you in the morning,


Your Grandaughter

Cindy Flynn

*My family has this thing where we don’t say goodbye, we just say “I’ll see you in the morning,” when someone passes away.


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