February Social Media Photo and Note Challenge

The challenge: post on your social media site (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, GooglePlus etc.) for each day of the  month of February, based on each of the following:

  1. A photo of your favorite fruit
  2. Describe your dream home
  3. A photo of your favorite pet
  4. Your favorite movie series
  5. Take a picture of your home work space.  (Office, hobby room, etc.)
  6. Describe a favorite childhood memory
  7. One of the best days of your life
  8. Favorite historical movie
  9. Describe where you want to be in ten years
  10. Your favorite way to work out
  11. Your goals for the next month
  12. Your favorite childhood book
  13. A picture of a sunset
  14. Your favorite childhood movie
  15. List seven things that you think about a lot
  16. Your least favorite movie
  17. A movie you want to watch in theaters and why
  18. Top five languages you wish you were fluent in
  19. Your top five favorite songs
  20. A picture with you and your family
  21. What are your pet peeves?  List them.
  22. A picture of someone or something you love
  23. Your favorite Disney character
  24. List five places you want to visit
  25. A photo of your favorite room in your house
  26. The latest restaurant you ate at.
  27. Things that scare you
  28. Something that is in your favorite color
  29. (For Leap Year only) Anything you want to share



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