Describe your dream home

Describe your dream home

My dream home would be a house on a lake.  The house would have lots of space, book-nooks, an office.  It would have a scope in the office, always up overlooking the lake so I could bird-watch.  My dream home would have an upstairs with several bedrooms.  The downstairs would have a kitchen, nice and large, and a separate dining room.

There would be a living room, with a fireplace and comfortable couches, indoor plumbing with at least two bathrooms, and a back screened-in porch.  My dream home would be in a pretty remote, rural location, but yet still close enough to towns to access doctors, groceries, etc. fairly quickly.  My dream home would be in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, or in the beauty of Alaska, possibly even Northern Michigan, on a small lake where no big and/or motorized boats were allowed.



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