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March Daily Writing Prompts; 31 Days

31 Days of Writing

  1. Write about two mysterious men in a restaurant; opening
  2. Write about the first mysterious man in a restaurant; what’s his story?
  3. Write about the second mysterious man in a restaurant; what’s his story?
  4. Write a poem about snow.
  5. Create a list of things you can use in the snow, at least ten things
  6. Write about a family being stuck in a blizzard.’
  7. Use the latest ad in a nearby grocery store (Or online ads for the week.)  Write about a character who has $40 to buy a week’s worth of groceries.  What do they get?
  8. Write about someone who barters for all of their food at a local Farmers Market for the week.  They have exactly $10 in cash only, everything else they must barter for.
  9. Write about someone who lives by bartering for what they need.
  10. Write a poem about Farmers Market.
  11. Write an advertisement for a Farmers Market.
  12. Write an ad for a man seeking a Mail Order Bride in the 1800’s.
  13. Make a list of items you need for a trip; you are going for a week and can only bring 20 items.  Each thing counts as one item except if it comes in a pair, such as a pair of socks.
  14. Write a story from the perspective of a fish
  15. Create an Acrostic Poem of either: Your name, OR the name of one of your pets
  16. A young man is now living on his own.  He makes $1500 per month.  Rent and Utilities is $1100.  Gas for his car is $300, just to get to work and stop for basic needs.  He must save at least $50 per month for car insurance, and hopefully get overtime to cover the cost.  Write about how he will live on $50 a month for groceries without getting any assistance.
  17. Write about the history of St. Patrick’s Day
  18. Write an acrostic poem about flowers in spring
  19. Using seed catalogs, create an order for a flower gardener
  20. Using seed catalogs, create an order for a vegetable farmer
  21. Make a list of five things a farmer must do every morning
  22. Write about a day in the life of a dairy cow, from the cow’s perspective
  23. Write a poem about sunsets
  24. Write a poem about the song birds returning north
  25. Write a story about a song birds migration
  26. List ten great apps to check out on the Kindle/ Tablet/ I-pad
  27. Create a list of your favorite books
  28. Create a poem about Easter
  29. Write a list of things to bring to an Easter party
  30. List 25 things you could hide in Easter Eggs (Besides candy)
  31. List ten possible Spring Break Destinations in Michigan



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