Motel Story- Part Two

Part One:


The weather forecast was calling for this icy mess to turn to snow.  Jim wanted to pull over somewhere and wait it out, but a phone call to Jack led to them being told to find a hotel.  The meeting could be postponed until tomorrow since the weather wasn’t showing any sign of letting up.

They walked towards the hotel.  Edith found herself walking very careful over the parking lot as the ice was very slippery.  Her computer bag jiggled in her hand as she nearly lost her balance but she managed to regain her footing and follow Jim to the main office.  Frank lagged behind.  He was a rather large man and Edith assumed it was even harder for him to keep his balance on this ice.

She was annoyed by him.  In the office, Frank was known as the office loner, a nerd who smelled funny and didn’t have a social life.  At least she didn’t have to wait for him.  He could find his own way into the motel.  Jim led the way, entering the main doors.  The building was old and a little worn down.  The outside could have told her that.  It wasn’t like the JW Marriott Hotel in Grand Rapids where she had stayed when she first moved there.  At least it would be a warm place to stay for the night.  The icy drizzle was still falling only now it was turning to hail and she didn’t like the way it felt against her skin.  It seemed like a typical mom and pop place.  It was simple but it would do for the night.


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