Motel Story Part 3




The lady at the front desk was friendly and greeted them with a smile.  Jim had pulled over a few miles before they found the motel and called Jack to see what to do.  He had directed them to this motel, saying Goggle said it was the closest to their location.  Edith wished they had called just a little bit earlier.  At least then there would be stores within walking distance.  This place was in the middle of nowhere.  Jack had told Jim to use the company credit card to book rooms and get whatever they needed to get them through the night.  Edith looked around the front lobby and wondered what this little place could possibly have to offer.

The lobby was old, with a homely feel to it.  There was a couch and a small library by a fireplace.  It looked cozy.  On the other side of the lobby, there was a small store with a few items.  It wasn’t the mall, but at least maybe she could get something else to wear beside the suit she was wearing.  Edith didn’t want to go into their meeting the next day wearing the clothes she slept in.  While the clerk was checking them in, she walked over to check out what the shelves held.

There were a few groceries.  She overheard the clerk telling Jim there was a microwave available in the lobby.  She looked around and realized that a table was near the bookshelf as well, with a microwave up on a shelf.  At least she could heat up the easy-mac or some soup if she purchased them.  It wasn’t exactly healthy eating but at least it would be food.


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