Motel Story Part IV

There were a few clothes as well, mostly sweat-suit type items with the hotel name on them but they would do for the night.  There was also a few travel items, she noted a toothbrush, toothpaste and a hairbrush, as well as underclothing.  The socks only came in a pack of two and had the hotels logo on them but they would work.  The underwear had a sign above it which read “we’ve got you covered from behind.”  Edith held back a laugh.  It was a ridiculous ad really but catchy.

She turned back to the desk.  The clerk was directing Jim to their rooms. Edith moved back over the desk and pointed to the small store.  “We should pick up something to…” Jim cut her off.

“Not now, stupid.  The lady is talking.”

Edith followed reluctantly.  She rolled her eyes while Jim’s back was turned before realizing Frank was now standing beside her.  “Annoying, isn’t he?”  She ignored Frank and kept walking.  The clerk led them back outside and pointed down a row of rooms.  “You have the last three rooms on this row.”  Jim nodded and shook her hand, taking the keys she held out.  Edith tried to say thank you but her throat was growing dry.

She followed Jim down the row.  All of the rooms were covered with an over-hang so they didn’t need to worry about slipping and falling.  Each room was accessible from the outside, which meant she would have to go back outdoors every time she needed something from the lobby.  Hopefully that wouldn’t be often.  She would have to try to get what she wanted all in one trip.



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