15 Writing Prompts About People


Write about:
1. Someone sitting on a back porch.
2. A prodigal son returns home to find his mother still caring for the child he abandoned, struggling to keep the family farm.
3. A woman on a business trip is stuck at a hotel during an ice storm with two co-workers.
4. A young woman has an arranged marriage with an old mountain man.
5. Friends traveling by canoe from one place to another.
6. People living in a town where water is the roadway.
7. Friends returning to a wilderness area.
8. Someone trying to survive in the wilderness alone.
9. Someone trapped in a mall for months.
10. A prodigal son returns home with his infant child to his family farm, to find it as broken down as his own life is.
11. A semi-truck driver who travels the country.
12. A carnival worker traveling from one town to another.
13. Someone in a town where no cars are allowed.
14. Someone living in a time where hamburger, junk food, and pop are against the law
15. Someone living where only the rich can afford gasoline, hamburger, houses, and other “normal” items for American citizens in 2016


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