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Twenty Writing Prompts involving numbers



  1. Check the local store ads.  Create a list of groceries based on the current week’s ad that could feed one person for a week for only $20.
  2. Write about a family who names their children with numbers only
  3. Write about someone trying to dial a phone number that isn’t working
  4. Make out a budget for someone whose income is $1400 per month, their rent is $800, utilities $225, debt $100; How can they divide up the rest for food, gas, hygiene items, etc and still have fun money left?
  5. Check the local store ads.  Create a list of groceries based on the current week’s ad that could feed a mother and her toddler for a week for only $30
  6. Write about numbers on a clock.
  7. Write about someone looking for an address number.
  8. Someone is celebrating their 40th birthday
  9. Someone sees the number 4 everywhere they go
  10. Write about a woman being stalked whose stalker uses the number 9 to identify themselves
  11. Write about a man trying to calculate his paycheck, but he is always off
  12. Write about an old woman who has forgotten her address
  13. A college professor screams every time she hears the number 25
  14. A boy’s heart will stop beating if he sees the number 8
  15. Write about a man who must calculate how much tickets at an amusement park will be but the prices change for every minute it takes him
  16. A woman tries to count out yards of fabric for a dress, but is missing 2 yards
  17. A football player must toss a ball 75 yards to win a championship game
  18. Write about a young girl’s 8th birthday
  19. A family buys their first house, but insists the house they buy have the numbers 2121
  20. Write about a baker who redefines a bakers dozen

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