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15 Writing Prompts about a Fence





  1. Write a story about a dog who runs under a fence and gets tangled, causing his/her owner to have to go get them.  This puts the owner dangerously close to a cliff.
  2. Write about a child who has spent their entire life so far living in a house with a big privacy fenced in yard, never leaving the house or yard.
  3. Write about a family picture that is taken in front of a fence every year.
  4. Write about a man who installs a fence in his yard.
  5. Write about an old fence.
  6. Write about a man who put in a fence 150 years ago for his farm, and the fence is still standing.
  7. Write about a farm with a broken fence.
  8. Write about a horse escaping through a fence.
  9. Write about a child touching an electric fence for the first time.
  10. Write about an electric fence from a cows perspective.
  11. Write about a couple searching for a house to buy that must have a gated fence.
  12. Write about a home with a gated fence to keep everyone out.
  13. Write a poem about a fence.
  14. Write an acrostic poem, using the word fence.
  15. Write a letter that is at least 100 years old in which a farmers wife writes to family about a fence.

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