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28 Things I Love Challenge

February is fast approaching.  Writing challenge: Create a list of 28 things for the month of February that someone could write or post about.



28 Things I Love challenge; Post one for each day of February, using either a photo or video

  1. An animal you love
  2. Favorite color
  3. Favorite flower
  4. Favorite food
  5. Favorite song
  6. Favorite Movie
  7. Favorite book
  8. A nature place you love
  9. Favorite thing to drink
  10. Favorite time of day
  11. Favorite candy
  12. Favorite fruit
  13. Hobby you enjoy
  14. A person you love
  15. Favorite type of animal
  16. Favorite bird
  17. Weather you love
  18. Season you love
  19. Favorite Holiday
  20. Favorite ice cream
  21. Favorite restaurant
  22. Favorite board game
  23. Place you love to travel
  24. Favorite football team
  25. Favorite quote
  26. Day of the year you love
  27. Favorite Bible Verse
  28. Favorite way to relax

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