Depths of Healing




She stood, staring off into the deepness of the water,

Watching the waves roll in

Soaking in the rhythm of the water.

She closed her eyes and listened,

Feeling the sound of the birds calling nearby,

Smelling the breeze coming off the shore.

She opened her eyes again,

Looking out over the colors,

The glistening blues that blended together,

Her eyes watching as the water becomes teal, then turquoise, then back to sky blue.

In water that goes on forever,

Following a skyline to endless drifting

Her eyes search for something

She doesn’t know is lost,

Something she’s been looking for all her life.

Her eyes see peace here,

Peace she’s been aching to find.

And she’ll come back to this place

Her eyes searching the open bay,

Bringing healing she didn’t know she needed

Time and time again.





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