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365 Prompts- Day 1

From the book, “Just Write One Thing Today; 365 Creative Prompts to Inspire You Every Day” by John Gillard

Turmeric-Yellow Taxis

Photo From: https://www.flickr.com/photos/maxpax/3638954095/in/photolist-6xyAgR-9pGYXV-9fQbBE-67HWoS-4beKNe-kckosy-kciQqP-pCVMcb-64YDA7-6cvsqu-5CyMDm-8Q3g5j-dCvvkR-5J4bTn-9WyRfE-4xZuhG-MLa6m-5WJPyr-6sPQoA-9vxbs5-adbTSK-hoQr4z-L1aQr-ajC71-8tuSkX-SshhvQ-bW5xB7-6ymbVP-5RMKPw-qiu19p-qzU4tK-pjLRAu-2Xa2E-fUE6oP-7sxRzr-4frn85-EfPd-4o1E5E-t1crtr-tM6id-5crc1Y-66gT4v-fjc7q9-g4z1x-aGWpmP-9AsyAj-u8tz-9f8uZt-6X1L9U-81N5UD

For specifics on the writing prompt, please see the book. You can purchase a copy at: Just Write One Thing Today, 365 Creative Prompts to Inspire You Every Day: John Gillard, Quid: 9781435165595: Amazon.com: Books

  1. Parsley Green
  2. Cinnamon Brown
  3. Dill green
  4. Lavender Purple
  5. Basil Green
  6. Nutmeg Brown
  7. Ginger Brown
  8. Paprika Red
  9. Celery Green
  10. Horseradish White
  11. Chive Green
  12. Garlic White
  13. Cumin Brown
  14. Cayenne Pepper Red
  15. Mint Green
  16. Sumac Red
  17. Lemongrass Green
  18. Chili Powder Red
  19. Juniper Berry Blue
  20. Pepper Black


  1. Parsley Green Tree Frog
  2. Cinnamon Brown Tree Bark
  3. Dill Green Envy
  4. Lavender Purple Hairstreaks
  5. Basil Green 3-Ring Binder
  6. Nutmeg Brown Mud
  7. Ginger Brown Sugar
  8. Paprika Red Hair
  9. Celery Green Convertable
  10. Horseradish White Beard
  11. Chive Green Candy Cane
  12. Garlic White Snow
  13. Cumin Brown Cowgirl Boots
  14. Cayenne Pepper Red Flashing Lights
  15. Mint Green Coffee Mug
  16. Sumac Red Limousine
  17. Lemongrass Green Camping Tent
  18. Chili Powder Red Exit Sign
  19. Juniper Berry Blue Sky
  20. Pepper Black Lake Water

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