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365 Prompts- Day 4

Bird Thoughts

Think of a specific type of bird, such as a wandering albatross, and write a detailed description of it, including its appearance and its movements, and perhaps even its thoughts.  

From the book, “Just Write One Thing Today; 365 Creative Prompts to Inspire You Every Day” by John Gillard



His white wings went out from him, lifting his body up into the sky as he took off across the field.  They spread out as he soared, then lowered as he approached a mouse on the ground.  He scooped the mouse up an flew to the top of a tree.  His white feathers splattered red as his tiny beak broke through the skin, and he consumed his lunch.

Then he stood, at the top of the tree, staring out over the frozen field as he watched for another bite to eat.  His talons gripped the top of the tree, glistening in the morning sunlight.

He soared to the ground again, then stopped and stared at me.  His yellow eyes met mine, and for a moment, it was as though he was looking into my soul.  I held his gaze with my eyes and watched as he moved his head nearly all the around his body, searching for something I could not see.  Splashes of brown covered his body, but his feathers were mostly white and blended in nicely with the snow around us.  His eyes came back to mine, and he stared at me, as though searching for something more.  Then just like that, he was gone, almost as soon as he’d come.



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