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365 Prompts- Day 6

From the book, “Just Write One Thing Today; 365 Creative Prompts to Inspire You Every Day” by John Gillard


Add a layer or two of detail to the items listed below to add texture. For example, a “sword” becomes a “16th-Century Samurai sword.”


Gloves 🧤

Truck 🚛

Briefcase 💼

Dogs 🐩🐕

Book 📗

Car 🚗

Tree 🌲

Cat 🐈

House 🏠

Turtle 🐢


Lacy antique Gloves 🧤

Uhaul moving Truck 🚛

Old leather Briefcase 💼

Hyper, joyful, enthusiastic Dogs 🐩🐕

Ancient fairy tale Book 📗

Rusty Chevrolet Car 🚗

Aged and weary Tree 🌲

Pitifully pouncing Cat 🐈

Worn historical House 🏠

Creeping crawling Turtle 🐢


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