October Writing Prompts Day 4; Skelton in the Closet Part 2

For part one of this story, and other posts to check out:

4. You open a can of pop and something else is inside of it. What is in it? How did it get there?

Skelton in the Closet Part 2:

The music was blaring loudly as Jenna headed into the house. Kevin must be having another one of his parties again. When she opened the door, people were coming and going up and down the basement stairs, and it was pretty obvious the music was coming from there too.

She thought about yelling down to Kevin to turn it down, but knew he wouldn’t listen. Instead, she hurried into the house and tossed her coat into the chair, then headed for the kitchen. If she was going to be stuck upstairs again all night, she at least wanted something cold to drink.

Jenna reached into the fridge and pulled out a cold pop. Pulling back the tab, she cracked it open and took a sip. The cold fizz felt good on her dry throat. she took another sip, and nearly choked on it when one of Kevin’s friends bumped into me.
“Sorry man.” He didn’t seem sorry though as he pushed past her and grabbed a can of pop out of our fridge. Her can of pop. Kevin never bought any of the groceries they shared, but he had no problems sharing them with his friends. It made her angry.  She’d tried to talk to Oliver and Addy about it, but Kevin was Oliver’s best friend and they didn’t want to say anything to him. Jenna wasn’t about to take it out on stranger though, so she bit her tongue and headed for the top of the stairs with her pop.

When she reached the safety of the bedroom she shared with Addy, she unlocked it, entered, and closed the door. She had learned early on to keep their  bedroom door locked, or suffer the consequences of complete strangers coming and going at will. Addy would knock when she came home and wanted in.  She would be glad for her friend to be home, but she was still at work.

Jenna checked to make sure the door was locked again, then grabbed her remote and turned on her TV. The sound blared out from it, but it at least blocked some of the annoying music coming from the basement. She took another sip of her pop and plopped down on her bed. It was going to be a long night.

Another sip of her pop, and she felt something touch her tongue. It felt like plastic, but she couldn’t figure out why something plastic would be in her pop. She tried to drink again, but whatever it was kept getting in the way. She held the can up to the light and tried to see what was blocking it. It was something plastic, but she couldn’t get it out.

Sighing heavily, Jenna forced herself off the bed and headed for the bathroom. It was packed. Kevin loved having a lot of people at his parties, but their house only had two bathrooms and they were often filled. She made her way back down to the kitchen and dumped the pop out into the sink. Whatever was in the way was not coming out without emptying the can.

When she finally got the can emptied, she had to use her pinky finger to get the plastic thing to move. It finally fell out into the sink. It was a rolled up piece of paper that someone had laminated, and managed to stick into her can of pop somehow.

Curious, Jenna lifted the paper up and unrolled it. It read
“If you’re reading this, I’m dead. Please find who did this to me. Your life may depend on it.” It was signed by a man named Griffin. The last name looked like a K, but the rest was blurred out. Her heart began to race. She had never found anything like this before, much less in a can of pop of all places. She had to find out more.


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