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October Writing Prompts, Day 5; Skeleton in the Closet, Part 3

5. You are walking alone at night with just your phone for a flashlight when you hear eerie music playing. You follow the sound to discover….?

Skeleton In the Closet, Part 3


Jenna wiped the note off with a paper towel, then stuffed it inside her pants pocket. It was hard to get in there with her cell phone, but she made it work. She drew in a deep breath, hurried out of the kitchen and took off out the front door. She couldn’t get outside fast enough.  As she headed out the door, she thought she heard someone yell her name, but she kept going.

The chilly night air hit her bare arms and Jenna began to wish she’d grabbed her jacket. She wasn’t going back now, not until she figured out what to do. She had no idea how the note had gotten inside the pop-can, but had to try to find out.
Jenna walked as quickly as she could, staying on the sidewalk until she reached the end of it. Their rental house was near the end of town, and the paved road became dirt just a short distance from their house, without a sidewalk. Jenna didn’t care. The dirt road was one of her favorite places to walk anyways.  She just kept walking, trying to calm herself down. She had to find out what that note was about.

She walked for a couple of miles. Her feet were getting tired, and it was pitch black outside. Jenna used the flashlight on her phone to see where to walk. Slowly in the distance, she began to hear music playing. It was soft at first, then grew louder and louder. As she got closer, a chill ran down her spine. It wasn’t like Kevin’s rock music. This was organ music, like the kind you hear in old Vampire movies. Her heart began to race. It was bad enough finding the note, but now there was this weird music too.

Jenna couldn’t help but want to know where it was coming from. She needed to know. She followed the sound, almost tripping in the darkness with just the light from her phone. It grew louder as she got closer to the source, and then suddenly, she saw it.

There stood an old house, with the shutters hanging from their hinges, and the white paint falling off. She had walked past this same house many times in the day light, but it looked so different in the dark. She could see the house from the low glow of the lights that were on inside, but it only made the house seem creepier. Bushes covered the front of the house, sprouting up in different sizes.

She crept closer. Through a large window, Jenna could see a boy about her age sitting at an organ. The window was wide open. He was playing loudly, banging his fingers and he looked angry. She moved closer, trying to see if he was alone and what else might be in this house.

The organ stopped playing for a moment, and the young man got up and crossed to the window. She fought back a gasp and ducked down into the bushes but it was too late. He’d spotted her. She tried to take off running, but his hand was through the window and he’d grabbed ahold of her before she could go any further.


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