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What The Pet Hears

Writing Prompt:

Unbeknownst to humans, house pets can understand everything we say.

Molly closed her eyes, laid her head gently on her owner’s lap and sighed. She was tired of her owner arguing with everything the short, fat man said. Besides that, she’d overheard the short fat man talking when her owner wasn’t around. He planned to sell the place and put her and Madelynn out on the street.

There was no way for her to tell Madelynn that. She understood everything her owner and the short fat man said, but they couldn’t understand her. Madelynn sometimes barked back, but it didn’t really sound right. The short fat man barked back frequently, but it was always followed by him throwing something at Molly, or even kicking at her. Humans were such strange creatures.

Madelynn and the short fat man were so very different. As far as owners went, Molly would rather have someone like Madelynn than someone like the short, fat man. She was kind, and gentle. She rarely raised her voice and never threw things at her. The short fat man was the opposite. Molly did everything she could to avoid him. Madelynn often called him “Mr. Crank,” but she wasn’t sure if that was actually his name or something her owner made up. She never called him that when he was around. Instead, she referred to him as “Mr. Drake” or “Al” when they were near him.

Either way, Mr. Crank fit him better. He wasn’t just cranky around Madelynn, that much Molly knew. She could hear better than her owner could, and the walls told stories. The other apartments were full of people too, and he was just as nasty with all of them. If only she could tell Madelynn that, but humans and dogs didn’t speak the same languages. She only understood English. She couldn’t speak it verbally.

To be continued….

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